What is Pulse?

Pulse events are dedicated to leading students to an authentic encounter with the person of Christ.

We believe God has called each student by name and given him or her a unique purpose that is to be lived out boldly.

By facilitating quality events that inspire the heart and convict the mind, providing resources for continued growth, offering fun creative ways to live out Christ-like behaviour and by personally living authentically we:

LEAD students to encounter Jesus,

MOTIVATE students to deepen their knowledge and understanding of their faith,

FOSTER an attachment in students to prayer, the sacraments and scripture,

EQUIP students to grow in virtue and holiness,

INSPIRE and EMPOWER students to become vessels of charity in their families, schools and communities,

ENGAGE students to live their faith boldly.

We really do count it as a privilege to play our small part in providing students with the gift that is Catholic education.